Marine Environmental Assessments

  • Baseline underwater assessments - coral reefs, seagrass beds and associated biodiversity; offshore habitats; and mangroves and associated biodiversity
  • Assessment of marine water and sediment
  • Assessment of marine litter and microplastic pollution
  • Coastal erosion and Bathymetry studies

Geological Investigation During Capital Dredging

  • Identification of soil and rock types
  • Estimation of suspended sediment load in water
  • Estimation of rate of sedimentation in water
  • Monitoring of environmental impact using Foraminifera
  • Sediment texture analysis

Certifying Laboratory For Microbial Analysis Of Coir Pith

  • The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS), Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry of Govt. of Australia has approved SDMRI as certifying laboratory for microbial analysis of coir pith exported to Australia.
  • Physical and chemical analysis of coir pith

SCUBA Diving Training

  • Open water (PADI)
  • Advanced open water (PADI)s

Marine Biodiversity Training

  • Biodiversity identification
  • Underwater assessment and monitoring techniques
  • Coastal habitat restoration techniques


  • Marine environmental monitoring - marine water and sediment quality (physical, chemical, and biological parameters); pollution monitoring; sedimentation rate in coral reef and seagrass areas
  • Monitoring of marine litter including macro-, meso- and microplastic pollution
  • Coastal ecosystem monitoring (coral reef, seagrass and mangrove ecosystems – distribution, diversity, threats, status and health; bleaching; bio-invasion; space competition; algal blooms; reef resilience; coral disease prevalence; coral reproduction and larval recruitment; reef associated organisms; and reef fish spawning aggregations – with regard to species, seasons and habitats)
  • Fish population monitoring (underwater)- ecology, diversity, identification, functional group, indicator species


  • Preparation of environmental management plan
  • Preparation of plan for biodiversity management and conservation
  • Restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems through
    • Coral and seagrass rehabilitation
    • Deployment of multipurpose artificial reefs (ARs) for restoration of ecological services in particular enhancement of biodiversity and fish production