Research Papers - 2010

  • Diraviya Raj, K. and J.K. Patterson Edward, (2010). Observations on the reproduction of Acropora corals along the Tuticorin coast of the Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India. Indian Journal of Marine Sciences, Vol.39 (2), 219-226.

  • Mathews, G.., K. Diraviya Raj, T. Thinesh, S. Rajesh, Jamila Patterson and J.K. Patterson Edward, (2010). Preliminary baseline data on marine flora and fauna of Kudankulam coast, Gulf of Mannar, Southeastern India. South Indian Coastal and Marine Bulletin, Vol. 2 (1), 1-5.

  • Ditty Chacko and Jamila Patterson, (2010). Laboratory rearing of the pharaoh’s cuttlefish, Sepia pharaonis (Erhenberg, 1831) through multiple generations in a ‘semi-closed’ water system. Asian Fisheries Science, 23: 240-253.

  • Asta Lakshmi S. and Patterson Edward, J. K., (2010). Coastal Issues and Management strategy for Sagar Island in Bay of Bengal, Recent Research in Science and Technology 2(5): 96-101.

  • Mathews, G., Diraviya Raj, K., Thinesh, T., Patterson, J., Patterson Edward, J. K. and Wilhelmsson, D., 2010. Status of seagrass diversity, distribution and abundance in Gulf of Mannar marine national park and Palk Bay (Pamban to Thondi), Southeastern India. South Indian Coastal and Marine Bulletin, 2 (2): 1-21.

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